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Sky TI 700 MEG

Panorama and layout views

Panorama view
Layout - living
Layout - sleeping
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Sky TI 700 MEG – technical data

FIAT 2,0 l Multijet 115 Light (85 kW/115 PS) - light x
Motorization 2,3 l Multijet 130 (96 kW/130 PS) - light
Motorization 2,3 l Multijet 150 (109 kW/150 PS) - light
Motorization 3,0 l Multijet 180 (130 kW/180 PS) - light
Motorization 2,3 l Multijet 130 (96 kW/130 PS) - heavy
Motorization 2,3 l Multijet 150 (109 kW/150 PS)- heavy
Motorization 3,0 l Multijet 180 (130 kW/180 PS) - heavy
Standard equipment ###
Length (cm) 747
Width (cm) (external/internal) 232/218
Height (cm) (external/internal) 275/200
FIAT 2,0 l und 2,3 l / 3,0 l Multijet Light ###
Mass of the unladen vehicle (kg)* 2.800 / 2.850
Mass in running order (kg)* 2.980 / 3.030
Maximum technically permissible laden mass (kg)* 3.500
Maximum user payload (kg)* 700 / 650
Towing capacity (kg) 2.000
Wheelbase (cm) 403
Tyre size 3.5 t 215 / 70 R 15 CP
Rim size 3.5 t 6J x 15
FIAT 2,3 l / 3,0 l Multijet Heavy ##
Mass of the unladen vehicle (kg)* 2.840 / 2.890
Mass in running order (kg)* 3.020 / 3.070
Maximum technically permissible laden mass (kg)* 4.000
Maximum user payload (kg)* 1.160 / 1.110
Towing capacity (kg) 1.850
Wheelbase (cm) 403
Tyre size 3.5 t 225 / 75 R 16 CP
Rim size 3.5 t 6J x 16
Permissible number of persons 4
Sleeping berths up to 4
ABS / driver airbag x
Automatic 3-point safety belts, height-adjustable 2
Fiat Ducato wide-track chassis x
Electronic immobilizer x
Driver's door with car comfort x
Power steering x
1. BODY ###
Aluminium flat sheet metal in white x
Windows with integrated double blind 4
Skylights, 40 x 40 cm opening 3
Gas bottle locker (2 x 11 kg) x
GFC underbody x
Service hatch, right hand side (cm) -
Rear garage (cm) (W x H door) 80 x 110 (75 x 104,5)
Cat-Eye hybrid rear lights with glowing elements x
Awning lamp with motion sensor x
Service hatch for supply module, front left (cm) (w x h) 53 x 37,5
One-key locking system x
Thickness, roof (mm) 33
Thickness, side wall (mm) 33
Thickness, floor (mm) 40
3-point safety belt in driving direction 2
Furniture decor velvet elm x
Upholstery selection: Boston, Fremont, Seattle (at extra charge: Las Vegas leather) x
Bed dimensions, front (cm) 212 x 123/50
Bed dimensions, centre (cm) -
Bed dimensions, rear (cm) "1x 200 x 86
PVC floor covering x
Waste water volume in litres 95
Fresh water volume in litres 100 / 20
Gas system 30 mbar x
Truma gas heating (hot water supply 10 litres) Combi 6 plus
Air circulation system x
Water supply immersion pump
Three-burner hob, stainless steel sink, lowered, glass cover x
Refrigerator serial / optional (volume in litres) 108 / 190
Knaus 3-D room bath with separate toilet room and shower x
Longitudinal washroom with variable shower -
Comfort toilet compartment with shower slidable washbasin -
Cross washroom in the rear with separate shower -
Dometic / Thetford toilet x / -
Service box accessible from outside: Incl. fresh water / waste water valve slidable washbasin 230 V Euro outside socket x
Power supply / interior lighting with 230 V and 12 V, various sockets inside x
Control Panel x
Charger 190 VA x
Radio and TV preparation incl. speakers x
Circuit-breaker x
Living room battery 80 Ah


x   =  Standard equipment
–   =  Not provided


Dimensions and weight data may vary ca.+/–5% due to tolerances of the natural raw materials used.

With any modifications done on the vehicle by a non-authorized dealer or garage you may put at risk your personal security and lose KNAUS operating licence and warranty.

Please have any repairs, retrofittings or upgrades executed by an authorized KNAUS dealer only, and ask for original KNAUS parts.

Fitting optional parts will increase your motorhome‘s net weight, and reduce possible additional payload.

Retrofittings, if technically possible, will cause additional mounting and material costs. We reserve the right to any technical modifications as to design, colour, and equipment, if technical improvement requires us to do so.

Some of the illustrations in the KNAUS price list partly show options available at additional expense.

Contents of the price list apply as of print date in July 2013. It is effective as from 01.08.2013 for the 2014 model year. Previous price lists expire.

We reserve the right to errors and printing mistakes.

The water supply system is minimum state of the art 03/2009 (Regulation 2002/72/EC).

*) Annotation concerning weight data of your KNAUS motorhome:

KNAUS motorhome come with generous permissible vehicle payload options. 
By means of innovative solutions such as using high performance steel chassis’ and honeycomb technology on furniture, low vehicle net weights are being realized. 
Law requires that the weight data of a motorhome be expressed as “mass in ready-to-start mode” as well as the “permissible total mass” (Act 92/21 EWG):

Mass in ready-to-start mode is defined as follows:

Mass of the empty vehicle (including on-board tool kit)
+ Diesel tank filled to 90%
+ 75 kg for driver+ liquid gas bottle filled to 90%
+ fresh water tank filled to 90% (with 20 ltrs. fresh water tank in driving mode)
+ fresh water boiler filled to 90% 
= Mass in ready-to-start mode

Mass of the empty vehicle (including on-board tool kit) 2850 kg
permissible total mass 3500 kg
maximum permissible payload(passengers, luggage, payload, gas, water, petrol etc.) 650 kg

The mass of the empty vehicle is defined through weighing the vehicle with standard equipment (excluding extras, options, package equipments or spare wheel; including on-board tool kit)

Please note that options, extras and packages may affect the mass of the empty vehicle and thus reduce the value of the maximum permissible payload.

As a user of a motorhome you are required not to exceed the values of the permissible total mass in driving mode, and the respective maximum permissible axle load limits.

Ordering options to replace specific package elements will not result in a delivery of these replaced elements, too.